Coming Soon: The Return of SeeBee Sez

Seebee-SupercatSeeBee Sez will be returning very soon.

I’d like to say I just woke from a long winter’s nap, and that was the cause of my long absence; but that would be wrong.  In more prosaic terms, my long — ahem — hiaitus has been due to my scribe’s laziness.  She will tell you that it wasn’t laziness at all, but rather too many tasks to do and too little time to do them.  I beg to differ.

She will tell you that when my last missive back was posted back on 5/18/2014 my human family was just beginning the final push to get the house ready to sell.  Yeah, it sold. So??

She will insist that the move and the resulting chaos in the new house, what with all the boxes and such, left scant time to post my little gems. I say, “Since when have boxes meant chaos? I love boxes. Pfft! Humans…..”

She will offer a lot of reasons — not many of them good, I might add.  But I finally her to get at it again.

We’ve got lots of good quotes coming, so stay tuned.  Who knows when she’ll relapse & I’ll be forced to go on hiatus again..

I may have to fined a more-reliable scribe.


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